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In early 2016, we started offering military vehicle driving experiences. We have grown the fleet now to 8 different types thus offering you a good selection of vehicles to drive or to passenger in. Below are some photos and a bit of information about each one and what you can expect on the day:

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The GKN Sankey FV432 Tank Experience - £199

The armoured personnel carrier of the British army from the mid 60’s through the cold war and into the present day. The most part of the vehicle is still in use in what is now called ‘Bulldog’. Our rare mk1 version has the B81 Rolls Royce petrol engine which produces ov...

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Alvis CVR(T) Spartan Tank Experience - £199

This is what we affectionately call the ‘sports tank’! The reason behind this being the engine and performance of this 8-ton beast… The engine is straight out of the Jaguar E-Type! A 4.2 litre, 6-cylinder petrol engine giving out over 200 horsepower. It propels this alu...

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The Alvis Stalwart Experience - £199

The ‘Stolly’ as it’s affectionately known is almost unstoppable off-road. With full 6-wheel drive and a roaring B80 Rolls Royce engine similar to that in our FV432, the Stolly can run along at around 45mph over any territory. At 9 tons in weight, it is also amphibious!...

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Leyland DAF T244 GS - £99

The most versatile vehicle in the fleet, these trucks are exceptionally capable over all terrains. We even let you lose in them on our off-road course so that’s a sign of how confident we are in their ability! The DAF ‘4 Tonner’ (So-called due to its load capacity) is a...

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Dennis Sabre Fire Engine Experience - £99

Our beloved Dennis is great to drive! Like a truck - but faster! It is automatic and has a huge, 8.2 litre Turbocharged, 6-cylinder Diesel engine under the covers. It tops out at over 80mph and has a fully functioning compliment of ‘blues and twos’ which we encourage th...

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Bedford Green Goddess (RLHZ) Fire Engine Experience - £39

This is a favourite with families, the 1950’s come back into the present day in our time warp fire engine. The Goddess was used for fire cover in the fire strikes of the 70’s all the way up to the last time they were used in 2002. Ours is well-preserved and a great fun...

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Humber Pig Armoured Car Experience - £39

A recent addition to the fleet, the Pig, as she’s known, is a great way to travel. From 1952, our Mk1 Pig is in museum spec, everything is exactly as it was when she was in service. The Pigs were used in Northern Ireland right up until the early 90’s throughout the trou...

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Massey Ferguson TEA20 Experience - £99

Our ‘Little Grey Fergies’ are amazing little machines. With a mere 15 horsepower, the ‘Grey Fergie’ was the first mass-produced tractor in the world and over half a million were made between the 40’s and late 50’s. One of ours is from 1949 making her the veteran of the...

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