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In early 2016, we started offering military vehicle driving experiences. We have grown the fleet now to 8 different types thus offering you a good selection of vehicles to drive or to passenger in. Below are some photos and a bit of information about each one and what you can expect on the day:

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Alvis CVR(T) Spartan Tank Experience - £199

This is what we affectionately call the ‘sports tank’! The reason behind this being the engine and performance of this 8-ton beast… The engine is straight out of the Jaguar E-Type! A 4.2 litre, 6-cylinder petrol engine giving out over 200 horsepower. It propels this alu...

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The Alvis Stalwart Experience - £199

The ‘Stolly’ as it’s affectionately known is almost unstoppable off-road. With full 6-wheel drive and a roaring B80 Rolls Royce engine similar to that in our FV432, the Stolly can run along at around 45mph over any territory. At 9 tons in weight, it is also amphibious!...

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Leyland DAF 45/150 Experience - £199

Go off-roading in military-style Go off-roading in military-style. Take the controls of the Leyland DAF 45/150. Your absolute beast of a truck weighs in at just over 6 tonnes, so you’ll know all about the power coming up from that huge diesel engine. Fully kitted out i...

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Airport Fire Engine Experience - £199

Crew up together for this airport fire tender driving and fire fighting experience for two! This immaculate Alvis RIV fire truck has all the power, hoses and water onboard that you need to drive to the fire – and put it out – on these fun experiences at Bicester Herita...

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Scorpion Firing Experience - £299

Dads and lads, Mums and Daughters, Couples, Enemies… As long as there’s two of you, come for a go at firing a tank as well as driving it! (Passenger/Gunner minimum age is 12, Driver is 18 with full UK Licence) One of you will drive and the other is in the gunner’s po...

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Tank Passenger Ride - £139

A taxi with a difference?! Jump in the back of one of our fleet of modern CVRT tanks for the best fun you’ll have this side of the driver’s seat! We’ll kit you out in a camp jacket, helmet and some ear defenders ready for a quick briefing and then in you go, jump in...

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Tank, DAF Army Truck and Dennis Fire Engine Driving Experience - £397

Drive three of our most powerful vehicles For a truly immersive experience, try our three-vehicle combination, which includes the Alvis CVR(T) Spartan Tank, the Leyland DAF 45/150 and the Dennis Sabre XL Fire Engine. Alvis CVR(T) Spartan Tank This is what we affect...

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MAN SV Experience - £199

Discover the truck of all trucks when it comes to off-roading The brand-new MAN SV is the truck of all trucks when it comes to off-roading. With 325 bhp, a 12-speed automatic and adaptive gearbox, lockable front, rear, centre and cross diffs, it really is top dog. With...

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