Alvis CVR(T) Spartan Tank Experience - £199

Bicester, Oxfordshire

This is what we affectionately call the ‘sports tank’! The reason behind this being the engine and performance of this 8-ton beast… The engine is straight out of the Jaguar E-Type! A 4.2 litre, 6-cylinder petrol engine giving out over 200 horsepower. It propels this aluminium fabricated APC to well over 50mph! With a semi-automatic gearbox with 7 forward and reverse gears (yes, that means it’ll do 50+ mph backwards too!) it’s got fingertip steering controls and even a separate braking system due to its phenomenal performance. With room in the back for only half the passengers of its big brother, the FV432, the Spartan is designed for speed and agility and not brute force. See how fast you dare go with one of our driving experiences. 20-25 minutes for £199.