Tank Gun Firing

Scoring a direct hit using a full-size battle-prepared tank takes courage, skill, discipline and a well-developed understanding of what’s required from you and your crew. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to get trigger happy, though this is no funfair shooting gallery. You’ll be shown how to strip guns, learn essential tank maintenance techniques and develop crucial battlefield skills that mean the difference between life and death for the professionals.

This is like no other experience day out there, and visitors have been known to travel from all four corners of the globe to come and take part. You’ll get a chance to show off your innate military capability and learn some fascinating new skills in a bona-fide tank training facility before climbing into a 42 ton monster to put your skills into practice. This experience will require some serious input from you, but your efforts will be rewarded over and over as you find yourself rapidly acquiring the skills of a pro……..Tank Gun Firing makes an excellent team building, stag or hen party, gift voucher experience.

DriveTanks.com Texas

1946 Road 2485, Uvalde, TX 78801

DriveTanks, located at the Ox Ranch, is the only location in the world where you can drive and shoot fully functional tanks, artillery, machine guns, and other weapons of war. There are few experiences in life more exhilarating than shooting a Sherman tank’s 76mm cannon! Your tank driving experience will include a FR...

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