Tank Driving Days at Tanks a Lot

Spring Farm, Helmdon, Northampton, Northamptonshire


We operate over 95 tanks on our challenging off road tank driving course and we are firmly established as the UK's major specialists in corporate tanks driving, corporate events and fun days. Our very experienced staff ensures that everyone has an unforgettable driving experience at TANKS A LOT.

Imagine the thrill of driving a 56 ton tank over a car, trying to beat the SAS woodland patrol challenge, firing a 18th century musket and mortar, or "swimming" an amphibious truck?

That’s just a few of the activities offered by corporate action activity specialists TANKS A LOT. As well as Tank driving gift Vouchers, we can tailor events to suit private small groups, Stag, Hen or Children's parties, or full on military themed corporate days from 10 people to over a 100.

Our world famous FULL MONTY TANK DRIVING EVENT gift vouchers offer the ultimate in unusual gifts - an action packed day for boys and girls of all ages! Open dated for 12 months. Held on selected Saturdays of the year.

If you get the bug to own one of these tried and tested old warhorses, we always have a selection of sensibly priced tanks and other military vehicles (all "One Careful Owner -the British Army!") for those wanting the ultimate toy.... usually road legal Tax and Mot exempt. Ask Nick for tips on free Fuel!

Our other activities include supplying vehicles for TV, Films and for promotional publicity stunts, from garden parties, demonstrations, fates, shows and practical Jokes!

So fuel up and come to a Tank Driving Event with Tanks A Lot, the best in the Midlands.


Military Activities Experience

- Briefing, tips and lunch

- Drive three military vehicles

- Two Sat per month (Mar-Sep)


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Full Monty Tank Driving for Two

- Briefing, tips and lunch

- A range of military vehicles

- One Sat per month (Mar-Oct)


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Full Monty Tank Driving

- Briefing, tips and lunch

- A range of military vehicles

- One Sat per month


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Introductory Tank Driving

- Drive a 432 armoured personal carrier

- 6x6 Supercat driving

- Armoury experience with ex-British Army sniper

- Gvozdika tank driving experience

- Chance to crush a car with a Chieftain Battle Tank


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