Humvee Driving

Everybody from hardcore military vehicle enthusiasts to cutting-edge fashionistas loves the Humvee. Its design epitomizes functional beauty more than any other car on the planet – hence the development of its civilian cousin, the Hummer, now favoured by the celebrity classes more than any other SUV.

As soon as you settle into the driver’s seat you’ll realize this is no ordinary off-roader: It comes with independent 4-wheel double wishbone suspensions and portal-geared hubs for 16 inches of ground clearance with inboard disc brakes. In order to make the most of all that this machine is packing, there’s a wealth of gadgets at your disposal that’ll help you capitalize on your skills to negotiate a hardcore battlefield-grade driving circuit the fastest way possible.

Hundreds of thousands of these amazing cars are used by the US Army all over the world as military workhorses, but you’ll get to enjoy all of the fun without any of the danger.

Tank School South Wales

Little Trostrey, near Kemeys Commander, Usk, Monmouthshire, NP15 1LD

Anyone can drive a tank...... Tank School is located midway between Bristol and Cardiff, about 2.5 hours from London, in the scenic Usk valley 07971 635189 anytime Tank School's mission is 'to teach you to properly drive a tank'

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